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Activities at the windmill

For most of the year the windmill is a very quiet place but we also host art exhibitions, summer fetes, poetry readings and a traditional Christmas Fair. On those days as well as on the German Open Windmill Day (Witsun Monday) and the National Trust's Open Monument Day on the second Sunday of September we are open to everyone!

Impression activities at Windmill Schneeren
Impression activities at Windmill Schneeren
Impression activities at Windmill Schneeren
Impression activities at Windmill Schneeren

Activities in the area

Church Schneeren

The village of Schneeren was celebrating its 800-year- anniversary on July 11/12th 2015, and there were exhibitions and music at the windmill as well as all over the village. All year long visitors staying at the windmill are invited to explore the almost untouched woods and moors in the area, visit the bird sanctuary by Lake Steinhude (Steinhuder Meer), meditate or attend concerts at the Cistercian Abbey in Loccum or take a boat out onto the Steinhuder Meer.

Those interested in more active pursuits can go horse-riding in Schneeren, golfing, mini-golfing, sailing or kite-surfing in Mardorf or view the whole fantastic area from a balloon. There is an adventure park and a dinosaur park for children and a number of local markets to explore.

First by bus (29 minutes) and then by train (21 minutes) you can travel from the windmill to Hanover (German: Hannover). In this city of 500,000 inhabitants there are many attractions and museums. The city also houses one of the best zoos in Europe.

Totes Moor Nature Reserve
Impression Cicterian Abbey Loccum
Impression Golf Park Steinhuder Meer
Impression Seatree Event Park
Impression Weekly Market Nienburg
Impression kitesurfing at Steinhuder Meer
Impression Balloonteam Steinhuder Meer

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